Wednesday , November 29 2023

Play the autumn treasure memory game

Autumn is a generous season. Winter is dramatic, spring is thrilling, and summer is just a bit striking, but autumn is all about giving. In one minute there are fresh apples and blackberries, in the next pine cones and conkers.

If the kids are in the garden or going for a walk, make the most of it by getting them to play the Autumn Treasure memory game (by) 101 things children can do outside).

First, you need to collect as many different autumn gifts as possible – a selection of colored leaves, fruits, seed heads, and nuts. You can even run a competition to see who can find the biggest strain.

When you have collected your treasures (approx. 15-20 work well) you can play the memory game.

Put everything on a table, a tray or an empty space on the floor. Everyone has a minute to remember everything they can before the whole lot is covered (you can use an old tea towel or someone’s jacket if you go for a walk).

The person holding the scarf then removes an item without the others seeing it before revealing the treasures. The first person to recognize what’s missing wins – and then it’s their turn to cover everything up and remove another treasure.

A word of warning: some berries can be poisonous. Let the children wash their hands after picking them up. Make sure that very young children have an adult with them when looking for autumn treasures.

Tomorrow … collect flower seeds.

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