Wednesday , November 29 2023

How to draw purple martins in your garden

After a long flight from South America, a bird could use a juicy meal and a place to rest, right? For purple martins, these delicious insects and summer accommodations could be in your garden if you provide a decent home for these attractive and melodious birds. With the exception of …

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Christmas decorations from the garden

The garden is a treasure trove of opportunities for Christmas decorations. Pyracantha berries alternating with popcorn make attractive garlands. Oranges, lemons or apples sprinkled with cinnamon or cardamom and coated with whole cloves are wonderfully fragrant pomander balls. Rose hips give green wreaths bright red and orange colors. Grapes, honeysuckle, …

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Delicious bounty every night! Catfacing Rotting of flower ends Nibble Three-lobed tomato Duck tomato Sunburn bleach on green zebra fruits. The lower leaves have finished their work in favor of the younger foliage and are dying back. The Sungold plant is still lush, but without new flowers – most likely …

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