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Gardening with cats: social distancing at home in the garden

Everyone is at a social distance in the middle of the virus outbreak, and things can
gets boring. The good news is that spring arrived early in the north
Hemisphere this year (2020), an unusual event that has something to do
with leap years and earth orbit. I leave that more scientific
Thoughts on how I am currently being consumed by gardening with cats.

Temperatures are rising and it’s time to get vegetable beds ready and prune some
Plant and feed others while keeping the dreaded weed at bay. I can’t be
able to make personal contacts with neighbors, family and friends, but I am not
lonely. While I’m doing my tasks in the pre-season, I have constant support
from my cats, which can be interesting to say the least.

Quarantine gardening with cats

are not for everyone In fact, some people claim to hate the furry, complex
tempered creatures. I am not one of them and, in fact, am endlessly delighted with
their personalities and antics. Just like me, as soon as the temperatures start
Warm up, they want OUT.

are allowed to hike as long as they stay close to me and have to come in
when i do it. Safety first. The first thing you want to do is pretty obvious. Any
freshly turned soil becomes a litter box. While this may bring out some, I do
Wear gloves and ignore these little nuggets as part of nature.

The next task is to attack the newly aspiring people Catnip
Patch. I transplanted a department from my old house, but it doesn’t last
Well, so you’ve used some seedlings to expand the website. That was a bad idea because
My little darlings lay down on the seedlings, rubbed and nibbled and anything but
destroyed the new plants.

To be tricked by these moggies, I set up a small fence around the area.
They now rub and meow over the structure, but have not yet got in, and that
Seedlings are finally growing. Once established and big enough, the plants can
Go to flower for the bees and the cats can romp around what they want. Near the end
During the season we cut and dry stems and then freeze the leaves for the winter season
Indoor fun.

on my hands and knees, scratching in fertilizer, weeding and examining mine
Worm population, I’m the rat catcher of cats in the garden. Everyone follows me
with an awe that should be reserved for Buddha or another holy being.
Head butts and rubbing are standard operations. Binding newly emerged vines is a
Challenge yourself because the line is suddenly a toy and eager paws sneak out
to capture every strand.

I do
I don’t need an iPod to talk because my feline companions keep up pretty well
constant conversation, even though they seem to know when to enjoy it
Calm and peace too. They bask in the sun and support my gardening morally
Endeavors in the best possible way.

has a garden specialty. The tiger loves Weeding,
That is more than I can say for myself. The tortoiseshell is a fan of everything
this has to do with long material, such as To cut
back the pampas grass. Every blade is a real amusement park. My big one
orange long haired cat is so soft that she could take on Jerry Garcia and is the one
The main cause of the problems in catnip plasters.

my cats is a delightful partner and companion when we prepare our gardens
the growing season. Isolation and distancing are not part of my vocabulary, though
it comes to my “Puddy Tats”. I have between these family members and my garden
all the positive mental health I need while socially distancing myself at home.

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